In order to ensure the health and safety of our participants, it has been decided that no internships will take place this summer in our partner organizations.
However, we are pleased to announce for the summer of 2020, the adaptation of our Business Class activities in digital format!
Two types of activities await our program registrants :
1 – Short videos: My First Steps in the Professional World

2 – Webinars: My Career Exploration Meetings
For more info, visit our ONLINE ACTIVITIES page!



What are the advantages of integrating the program into the progression of high school Grade 9 and 10 students?
  • Answer the curiosity and guidance needs of the students
  • Participate in students’ career choices and help them find a passion
  • Give students the opportunity to do a professional internship in a sector of interest
  • On a larger scale: preparing our succession
 Student Business stands out by:
  • The supervision it offers to participating students
  • The duration of the internship realized in summer (one week)
  • His unique expertise and the extent of its professional network


The project manager

Each partner school is assigned to a project manager, an employee of Montreal Relève, who is present at the school a few days a month to answer questions about the program, give workshops and provide support to registered students. Whenever possible, the project manager attends a meeting with teachers and administrators of the school to present the program.

A program that is not mandatory

The Student business program is not imposed to students. Once the program promotion sessions are assured, future interns register on a voluntary basis via the Montréal Relève website.

The partnership team

Internships are handled by the Partnerships Team, which annually finds more than 1,500 internships offered to Student Business participants.

Multilevel follow-up

During the internship, the mentor completes the internship log, which aims to ensure the follow-up of the internship plan validated by the partnerships team. In addition, after a few days with the interns, the mentors are contacted individually by the partnership team for a follow-up. Once the internship and the various stages of the program have been successfully completed, the student receives two school credit.

Without interfering on the tasks of the guidance counselor, the Student Business program is a complementary tool to the personal and professional development of students.


Would you like the Student Business program to be offered at your school? Contact Julie Goudreault, coordinator, project and academic development manager at Montréal Relève at 514 910-7742 |