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Arrived at the head office of the Société de transport de Montréal, Nancy Brien, a recruiter at the STM and I, walked along a green line and then an orange line to settle in a meeting room called “Station Bonaventure” to discuss her experience with the Student Business program.

Tell me about your organization.

“Fifteenth largest company in Quebec, the STM employs nearly 9,700 people, half of whom are in direct contact with customers. In terms of the composition of our workforce, we have more than 500 different types of jobs. We even have a health office: it’s very diverse! The STM is at the heart of Montreal’s economic development and our goal is to ensure reliable and safe travel.

Montreal is a dynamic city with its many festivals and major cultural activities, where public transportation is a must. The STM helps move Montréal by carrying several million people a year. ”

Tell me about the succession and manpower needs at the STM.

“Our many types of jobs require academic backgrounds of all kinds: from the DES to the university degree. Our recruitment needs will be present for different sectors in the coming years, including: engineering, IT, administration and management. ”

Tell me about your experience as a Student Business mentor.

“Last summer we welcomed a group of eight boys, they were full of energy, very curious, motivated and participative. They took the time to understand, to ask relevant questions and this experience allowed them to confirm certain career choices as well as to discover new ones!

People are always surprised by the backstage and the range of trades available at the STM. We therefore tested a pathway formula on skilled and non-traditional trades whose objective was to make participants aware of the diversity of jobs available. It is also a good way for the employees involved to demonstrate their expertise and encourage participants to continue their education. It’s important to develop partnerships like this one to inspire and motivate high school students, it’s an experience that will definitely have a big impact on their career choice. ”

Would you recommend the Student Business program?  

“It’s interesting and important for the development of the next generation. An investment in time is required, for sure, but as a parastatal organization, we must set an example and do our part for the next generation. The Student Business program can demonstrate our expertise and convey our passion, in addition to shine our organization.

We shared the entire Student Business course on our LinkedIn page, which gave us the opportunity to introduce different professions to the general public. ”

A message to send to young people:

“At this important time in choosing a field of study, why not take advantage of this opportunity to observe your interests? Be curious! ”

To find out more about career opportunities at the Société de transport de Montréal :

Website – jobs – LinkedIn 

Interview conducted on February 16, 2017 with Nancy Brien, STM recruiter by Laurie Vesco, Communications Advisor at Montréal Relève.



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