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On February 28, I talked with Isabelle Maranda and Frédéric Poisson-BMO Bank of Montreal. A duo of enthusiasts who will welcome young people from the Classes Affaires program for a third edition this summer!

Tell me more about your organization.
“The Bank of Montreal is one of the five largest banks in the country, with a total of 47,000 employees, including 5,000 in Quebec. We have employees in a variety of industries, including personal and commercial banking, human resources, marketing, technology, investing and capital markets. It is a beautiful diversity that is presented to the interns Student Business by taking them around these different trades. ”

Tell me about BOM’s vision for succession and the workforce.

F.P. : “The theme of succession and school perseverance drives us at the Bank, mainly in Quebec, it is at the heart of our organizational values. ”

I.M. : “In fact, in my department, we hire university interns every year to give them a taste for our profession and eventually make them partners or employees. ”

Tell me about your experience as a Student Business mentor.

I.M. : “Frédéric and I are passionate about our work. To achieve the internship, we rely on the collaboration of many of our colleagues, as passionate, who want to share what they do. If we can give a single young person the desire to study in our sector or simply the motivation to continue his studies, it will be for us an accomplished mission! ”

F.P. : “It’s important for young people that they prefer certain days of the course or some meetings to others. The message we want to make is that if you want an interesting and challenging career, no matter in which area, you need to persevere, to go through your studies and to graduate. With our first mentoring experience we have doubled the number of Student Business interns we welcome! For us, the idea is above all to participate. It’s a social and community responsibility for an organization like ours. ”

Would you recommend the Student Business program to organizations?

I.M. : ” Yes. Moreover, I have already tried to open doors among my contacts and I hope that it will come to fruition! This is a very nice project and a real privilege for the young people who participate. ”

F.P. : “We were asked to host young people in other circumstances, but we declined: we only do it with Montreal Relève. Ultimately, we would like all banks in Montreal to offer Student Business courses. It is important to show all the trades available in our sector. ”

If you had a message to send to young people :

I.M. : “We often hear that there are fewer women in the financial world and I think it’s even more interesting when a girl is interested. I then make it a personal duty to show him that it is possible to work in finance by being a woman! I am under the perception that girls think doors will not open for them in this area and that’s wrong. ”

F.P. : “Take advantage of every experience to try different things and make a choice of enlightened studies. We sometimes stay on the idea that we have a job and it’s good to go and validate it in the field. ”

Interview conducted on February 28 by Laurie Vesco, Communications Advisor with Isabelle Maranda and Frédéric Poisson, Capital Markets at BOM-Bank of Montreal.

This article is part of a series of articles that will air on Tuesdays and Thursdays each week this spring, they were made from the deserving organizations 2016 of the 15th edition of the Student Business program.