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This article is the beginning of a series that will be published on Tuesdays and Thursdays each week, they were made from the deserving organizations 2016 of the 15th edition of the Student Business program! Good reading !

After walking along several colored corridors, I arrived at the main building of Polytechnique and I found the local C-237.1 where Julie Doucet Lamoureux, general manager of Folie Technique was waiting for me. She is my first guinea pig in the framework of the “Portraits of deserving organizations Student Business”!

Tell me about Folie Technique.
“In 1991, Polytechnique Montréal students who wanted to share their passion for science set up Folie Technique. The mission of Folie Technique is to make science accessible to everyone, whether you are a girl or a boy, whether you come from a privileged background or not. The organization now reaches more than 20,000 young people annually through the day camp and workshops for elementary and high school students. ”

Tell me about university studies in engineering in Montreal.
“The previously little-known engineering community has expanded dramatically in recent years. The dynamism of the scientific community in the greater Montreal area encourages the creation of large-scale events where popular science is celebrated. When it comes to stimulating young people’s interest in science, there is no competition, we work together on common goals. ”

Tell me about the mentor experience.
“The Student Business interns are supervised by Polytechnique students who are also summer camp facilitators. These are true scientific models for students. The generational proximity favors exchanges between them. Young people are comfortable asking questions about their background. We are very active on social media and we have benefited from receiving the award-winning business class organization of the year in engineering to make a special publication on Facebook! ”

Folie Technique also won, in January, Actua’s “Mentorship 2017” award, which highlights the contribution of Polytechnique Montréal students to young people.

Tell me about the next generation.
“There are several characteristics that distinguish the Z generation from those that precede them. Young people have a taste for teamwork, a great need for flexibility and a desire to collaborate on decisions. They are skilled, comfortable with technology and probably brighter than they were at their age! We have an interest in involving them in our decisions because they bring a different and important point of view. ”

Would you recommend Business Classes to organizations in your sector?
” For sure. It’s important for young people to know what they want to do, and the best way to find out is to reach out. There are so many trades! It is important to communicate and share with young people what we do and what exists as job opportunities. ”

Do you have a message to send to young people interested in engineering??
“Engineering is found everywhere. Behind every little thing we touch, we look, there is an engineer who worked on it. That’s what touches me and what I want to convey to them. If you’re curious about how things around you work, what machine makes it possible to design, for example, a spiral notebook. Your place is in engineering! ”

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Interview conducted on February 3, 2017 with Julie Doucet Lamoureux, Executive Director Folie Technique by Laurie Vesco, Communications Advisor at Montréal Relève.