Portrait: Aesthetics and Body Care

In Student Business by dlobjoie

Since 2012, Marie-Eve Bastien – Cosmetics Manager at Pharmaprix Fleury-Est has received more than fifteen Student Business interns. An internship a little more ground than certain which aims a first glimpse of the great industry of the cosmetics!

Tell me about your organization.

“I’ve been working as a cosmetics manager for 20 years at Pharmaprix Fleury-Est. I lead a team of eight people, mainly cosmeticians. My employees are overwhelmingly female students. They usually stay here until they get a job in their field. ”

Tell me about your experience as a Student Business Mentor.

“I really like to welcome young people, especially with your organization, it allows me to show them the reality of the job market. I try to instill in my interns the importance of continuing their studies to obtain a diversified career that will make them happy. I try to make them understand that we have to think long term when we make these choices. ”

Tell me about the Student Business internship you offer.

“During the internship, the cosmetics sector is presented more than the profession of cosmetologist. The idea behind our participation is not to make the identification to engage them later, but rather to discover with them if the cosmetics industry is a career option for them. They come out of the internship with a more complete picture of what is possible in the industry. ”

Tell me about the training offered in your field.

“Make-up classes are essential to our work, because we often do touch-ups and we have to perform outstanding customer service! If cosmetics are a passion, there are also other ways to enter the industry and target companies like L’Oreal. For example, via marketing studies. ”

Have you kept in touch with some of your interns?

“I meet some in the” Beauty “events that we organize for cosmetics. Their interest is there and they know they need to go on to pursue a rewarding career in our industry. ”

Would you recommend the Student Business program to organizations?

“Yes, in addition to having an inspiring mission, it’s a very nice organization and a nice team. For the human resources component, I delegate one of my employees mainly to supervise the interns and it is therefore a motivating project that allows her to change the dynamics of her usual week. ”


Interview conducted March 7th by Laurie Vesco, Communications Advisor with Marie-Eve Bastien, Manager of Cosmetics at Pharmaprix Fleury-Est.

This article is part of a series of articles that will air on Tuesdays and Thursdays each week this spring, they were made from the deserving organizations 2016 of the 15th edition of the Student Business program.