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One Tuesday afternoon in March, I was welcomed to the Côte-des-Neiges-Notre-Dame-de-Grâce borough by Marion Angely, Human Resources Division Chief, to discuss their first participation in the Student Business last summer.

Tell me about the CDN-NDG borough and the City of Montreal.

“The CDN-NDG borough is one of the largest boroughs on the island of Montreal, it is very multicultural and includes a large proportion of students. It is a borough that moves a lot and which, in my opinion, represents the city of Montreal.

The City of Montreal is a beautiful organization to work and evolve, it contains all areas of employment and great development opportunities. In the last years, we saw many changes, renewal, there is a great desire to modernize our ways of doing things: it is very stimulating!

In the borough’s human resources division, we are a team of 11 people, mainly human resources advisors and technicians. We take care of all Borough employees and managers, nearly 600 people. ”

Tell me about your mentoring experience with Student Business.

“For our first year, we welcomed two young people, they were dynamic and asked several questions. They really enjoyed going out into the field, meeting new employees and while at the beginning of the week they seemed to be focused on finances, I think there was a click through the week and the human resources have piqued their curiosity!

This is a great opportunity to show the diversity of jobs available to the City of Montreal and also to present our sector, that of human resources, which is little known by young people. After doing it for a first year and talking to my colleagues, other departments are interested in participating.

When we talk about hosting interns, quickly as managers we make a calculation of time, organization, the constraining aspect is more easily apparent. This is something else: we are here to make an impact in the path of the young people we welcome, in their studies and perhaps even in their lives. ”

Have you talked about your involvement with Montréal Relève?

“We had a management team meeting and the managers who participated in the program came to testify about their experience. It was interesting to hear them explaining that taking part in the internship brought them a lot on a personal level, they had to explain their career choices and found the exercise very rewarding. ”

Would you recommend Student Business?

” Yes ! Of course I am sold to it. We do it again this year and we will push to diversify more the course. This will be an opportunity to show some less known trades in horticulture or aqueducts, for example. Several jobs available to the City of Montreal stem from vocational training. Moreover, there is complexity and challenges in really all types of jobs and for some office work, indoors, is not suitable, the idea will be to show them what is possible in our career sector and with the City. ”

Do you have a short message to send to young people who are learning about human resources?

“This is a very dynamic area of activity, where you can meet a variety of different people and participate in the development, not only of the employees, but also of the company itself! Human resources ensure that the organization develops and performs. We are in constant contact with people. ”

Interview conducted March 28th 2017 with Marion Angely, Head of Human Resources Division of the Côte-des-Neiges-Notre-Dame-de-Grâce borough.

This article is part of a series of articles that will air on Tuesdays and Thursdays each week this spring, they were made from the 2016 deserving organizations of the 15th edition of the Student Business program.