In order to ensure the health and safety of our participants, it has been decided that no internships will take place this summer in our partner organizations.
However, we are pleased to announce for the summer of 2020, the adaptation of our Business Class activities in digital format!
Two types of activities await our program registrants :
1 – Short videos: My First Steps in the Professional World

2 – Webinars: My Career Exploration Meetings
For more info, visit our ONLINE ACTIVITIES page!

About us

Montréal Relève is a non-profit that is supporting Montreal socio-economic development since 1995.

Since the beginings :
20,000 completed internships 
+1,000 organisations involved 


Victor is 16 and he’s in 10th grade. At lunchtime, he often discusses with his friends the choices they will have to make regarding the continuation of their studies. He has no idea about what he wants to do later and sometimes it angers him.

When Montréal Relève’s team came to present a career exploration program at his school, Victor decided to enroll. He hopes that this experience will help him in making choices. Among his interests: health, law and marketing.

The school year comes to an end. Montréal Relève’s team has given preparation workshops during which Victor got to know himself a little more personally and professionally. He adds the social and community services sector to his interests as he enjoys helping his sister and friends.

During the summer, Victor is offered an internship in an organization that distributes meals to the underprivileged. For a week, he lives the daily life of the team in the field, observes, analyzes and meets marketing people who make him discover the mission and vision of the organization.

Victor finishes his internship transformed by this concrete experience. He now knows that he wants to do a job that will help help people.

When he started the new school year, he made an appointment with the school guidance counselor; he had lots of questions!

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